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Easy Media Player & Organizer
The App to Play, View, Organize & Select Media
Music, Videos, 3D Videos, Images, 3D Images, PDFs, Pages & Texts

Easy Media is a Multimedia Player and Viewer with a set of original features to Play, View, Iterate, Organize and Select Media, with a standard mode, with 2 convenient Full-screen modes as well as a Compact mode.

  • You can easily iterate Files in a folder, with Down and Up keys, playing or viewing them,

  • You can easily iterate through all the Subfolders of a folder in a sequential way, with the < > buttons or Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right keys, walking easily and quickly through complex tree-like structures.

  • To easily organize and select media it has a set of 4 configurable themed buttons that allow to instantly move or copy the active media to another folder or drive, or just modify its name.

It has a wide set of context menus for each control and is optimized for an easy and quick use of keyboard and mouse, including Drag & Drop of files or folders.

App colors can also be customized with light tones or dark tones.

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Videos & 3D Videos,
Images & 3D Images,
Pages & Texts
Easy Work Timer
Improve your Safety while working with Computers

Some experts believe that use of any keyboard, pointing device or computer may cause serious injury to hands, wrists, arms, eyes, neck or back.

To reduce the risk of such injuries, experts advise to follow some precautions:

- Take frequent short pauses to let your body rest - at least 3 minutes per hour, or more if you feel this is appropriate for you

- Keep your body neutral and try to stand up periodically during the day ...

Easy Work Timer is a dual timer where you can set a work time and a pause time that are suitable for you. It's a small App that will help you to take regular short breaks, when you're focused on doing your work.

It will help you achieve a more balanced work time on the computer, improving your Safety while working with computers.

Currently much of the work done by many people is done on computers, and even entertainment, which implies that many hours a day are spent sitting down using computers resulting in health risks that must be minimized.

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Easy Folder Snapshot
Take custom HTML Snapshots of folders contents easily by Drag & Drop

Easy Folder Snapshot allows you to take full or custom Snapshots / Indexes of folders contents. You can choose from several options.

You can choose to create a Snapshot of all files and folders, only files of certain types like Images or Documents, or only files with certain patterns or extensions.

Using the 'Exclude Subfolders without Interest Files' option you can also filter folders and show just folders that have the types of files you want.

Opening the HTML Snapshot in a Browser, you can easily do:

  ●  Quickly view and browse the entire contents of a folder and its subfolders

  ●  Directly and quickly open items in your browser, such as Images, Videos, Music or PDFs, by clicking on their hyperlink !

Snapshots have a Timestamp and count of files and folders, you can compare them over time.

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