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Easy Media Player & Organizer
The App to Play, View, Organize & Select Media
Music, Videos, 3D Videos, Images, 3D Images, PDFs, Pages & Texts

Easy Media is a Multimedia Player and Viewer with a set of original features to Play, View, Iterate, Organize and Select Media, with a standard mode, with 2 convenient Full-screen modes as well as a Compact mode.

  • You can easily iterate Files in a folder, with Down and Up keys, playing or viewing them,

  • You can easily iterate through all the Subfolders of a folder in a sequential way, with the < > buttons or Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right keys, walking easily and quickly through complex tree-like structures.

  • To easily organize and select media it has a set of 4 configurable themed buttons that allow to instantly move or copy the active media to another folder or drive, or just modify its name.

It has a wide set of context menus for each control and is optimized for an easy and quick use of keyboard and mouse, including Drag & Drop of files or folders.

App colors can also be customized with light tones or dark tones.
Videos & 3D Videos,
Images & 3D Images,
Pages & Texts

Compact mode allows to Play Music or Videos easily

Compact mode turns Easy Media into a classic Media Player, with several controls, showing Album Art and Music details such as Performer, Album, Genre, media format, etc.

You can resize and move it as you prefer and make it a topmost window

Common controls are integrated with the Windows Taskbar

A Full-screen mode for easy Media Selection

Get a detailed and complete view of Images, PDFs, etc. to help you organize and select media

You can instantly move or copy the selected media to another folder with the help of configurable selection buttons, only rename it or open it in Paint for editing, etc.

A Full-screen mode to Play or Show your Media

Play your Music as a Musicbox, View your Photos as a Slideshow or View your Videos, all in Full-screen

Stereo 3D Photos or 3D Videos too.

Pan and Zoom Images or adjust their display Contrast or Gamma if needed

A wide set of context menus and commands

Change settings and access commands easily by context menus

Adjust Slideshow time, Shuffle mode, Repeat mode, etc.

Find easily on Youtube the music you are listening to or other existing versions, find easily the lyrics on the Internet, or search Wikipedia or the Internet about it

A set of processing tools to Organize,
Correct Names, Find Duplicates and Synchronize Paths

Organize and Correct Names of Files and Folders

Organize Music files by folders or rename files according to their standard tags, Performer, Album, Genre, etc.

Correct the Names of Media Files and Folders, removing or replacing unwanted texts, reformating patterns or capitalizing words

Preview full results in a report before applying

Find Duplicates even with different names

Find Duplicate Folders and interactively merge them together or suffix their names to easily identify them

Find Duplicate Files according to several options and move them to duplicate-identified folders

Preview full results in a report before applying

Synchronize Paths

Synchronize paths by copying missing files or folders, or copying only names in case of duplicated content

Also copy the Timestamps from the original folders

Preview full results in a report before applying

Easy Media Player & Organizer
The Easy way to Play, View, Organize & Select Media
Music, Videos, 3D Videos, Images, 3D Images, PDFs, Pages & Texts

The files are 100% virus free. You can safely download them and scan them with your Antivirus before installing or running them.

The Installer installs the App in the Programs folder and creates Icons in the Programs Menu and on the Desktop.
The Portable Version requires no installation and can be run from any folder.

Version 5.2.2
SHA-256 Checksums:
Installer: bc59245a05cc37a31e14a7a2106938449c8dbf077055cc27cc0e7d0f64642cf2
Portable: 97b054b8de5b85960acd1b0a7b790f66bf9058ed7c5400a6bf2475d668a4d412
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